Fantasy Formula E

Fantasy Formula E 2019-20 team entries


Owner: ProDragonfire
Current score: 142pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: ProDragonfire
Current score: 213pts  Score Breakdown

Robin Frijns is faster than you

Owner: Robin Frijns
Current score: 34pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Robin Frijns

Rolls Canardly

Owner: mcross57
Current score: 147pts  Score Breakdown

Sam Bird - The driver who knows what he's doing

Owner: Sam Bird
Current score: 57pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Sam Bird

Schuuuub, Oida!

Owner: Jogi
Current score: 286pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: SirJohn
Current score: 216pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: OldNags
Current score: 79pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: OldNags
Current score: 223pts  Score Breakdown

Speeding like Brendon Hartley

Current score: 40pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Brendon Hartley


Current score: 157pts  Score Breakdown

Stofold Electrics

Owner: Bedsbiker
Current score: 322pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: Maclarry
Current score: 170pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: TYREDOUT999
Current score: 223pts  Score Breakdown

Switch dE-Leopahd

Current score: 112pts  Score Breakdown

That bad team eh?

Owner: TheTallguyDT
Current score: 163pts  Score Breakdown

That good team eh?

Owner: TheTallguyDT
Current score: 280pts  Score Breakdown

That prediction eh?

Owner: TheTallguyDT
Current score: 99pts  Score Breakdown

The amazing Alexander Sims

Current score: 69pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Alexander Sims

The amazing HWA TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team team

Drivers: Neel Jani and André Lotterer

The best BMW i Andretti Motorsport team in the world

Current score: 135pts  Score Breakdown

The brilliant Mahindra Racing team

Current score: 56pts  Score Breakdown

The fantastic Edoardo Mortara

Current score: 58pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Edoardo Mortara

The fantastic NIO Formula E Team team

Current score: 58pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Oliver Turvey and Ma Qinghua

The fast and furious Lucas di Grassi

Current score: 105pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Lucas di Grassi

The fast Venturi Racing team

Current score: 82pts  Score Breakdown

The Flat Batteries

Owner: yondesarinen
Current score: 152pts  Score Breakdown

The incredible DS Techeetah team

Owner: DS Techeetah
Current score: 168pts  Score Breakdown

The Neel Jani mobile chicane

Owner: Neel Jani
Current score: 32pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Neel Jani

The one and only Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler team

Current score: 136pts  Score Breakdown

The one and only Felipe Massa

Owner: Felipe Massa
Current score: 24pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Felipe Massa

The only Mercedes-Benz EQ Formula E Team team

Current score: 109pts  Score Breakdown

The superb Geox Dragon Racing team

Current score: 56pts  Score Breakdown

The ultimate Nissan e.Dams team

Owner: Nissan e.Dams
Current score: 121pts  Score Breakdown

The ultimate Oliver Rowland

Current score: 81pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Oliver Rowland

The unbelievable Panasonic Jaguar Racing team

Current score: 150pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Mitch Evans and James Calado

The unbelievable Stoffel Vandoorne

Current score: 68pts  Score Breakdown

The wonderful Envision Virgin Racing team

Current score: 91pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Sam Bird and Robin Frijns


Owner: SirJohn
Current score: 235pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: yondesarinen
Current score: 148pts  Score Breakdown

Tractors are still better

Owner: Duncan
Current score: 251pts  Score Breakdown

Try and overtake Oliver Turvey

Owner: Oliver Turvey
Current score: 31pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Oliver Turvey


Owner: sirbobby
Current score: 207pts  Score Breakdown


Owner: bwall2700
Current score: 228pts  Score Breakdown