Fantasy Formula E

Fantasy Formula E 2022-23 team entries

Tesla Stock Price

Owner: fitzy-boy
Current score: 432pts  Score Breakdown

The 1000 IQ 0% Watch Strategy

Owner: pinaple
Current score: 461pts  Score Breakdown

The amazing Nico Müller

Owner: Nico Müller
Current score: 35pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Nico Müller

The amazing Nissan Formula E Team team

Current score: 139pts  Score Breakdown

The best Maserati MSG Racing team in the world

Current score: 135pts  Score Breakdown

The brilliant Neom McLaren Formula E Team team

Current score: 138pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Jake Hughes and René Rast

The E Team 2023

Owner: davet
Current score: 301pts  Score Breakdown

The fantastic NIO 333 Racing team

Current score: 101pts  Score Breakdown

The fantastic René Rast

Owner: René Rast
Current score: 73pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: René Rast

The fast and furious Pascal Wehrlein

Current score: 203pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Pascal Wehrlein

The fast Mahindra Racing team

Current score: 139pts  Score Breakdown

The incredible Envision Racing team

Current score: 275pts  Score Breakdown

The Kelvin van der Linde mobile chicane

Current score: 12pts  Score Breakdown

The Norman Nato mobile chicane

Owner: Norman Nato
Current score: 70pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Norman Nato

The one and only ABT CUPRA Formula E Team team

Current score: 89pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Robin Frijns and Nico Müller

The one and only Edoardo Mortara

Current score: 28pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Edoardo Mortara

The Pre E Team 2023

Owner: davet
Current score: 278pts  Score Breakdown

The superb DS Penske team

Owner: DS Penske
Current score: 239pts  Score Breakdown

The ultimate Avalanche Andretti Formula E team

Current score: 271pts  Score Breakdown

The ultimate Sam Bird

Owner: Sam Bird
Current score: 87pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Sam Bird

The unbelievable Jaguar TCS Racing team

Current score: 231pts  Score Breakdown
Drivers: Mitch Evans and Sam Bird

The unbelievable Robin Frijns

Owner: Robin Frijns
Current score: 54pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Robin Frijns

The wonderful TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team team

Current score: 341pts  Score Breakdown

Try and overtake Jake Dennis

Owner: Jake Dennis
Current score: 191pts  Score Breakdown
Driver: Jake Dennis

TV formula E team

Owner: TV team
Current score: 535pts  Score Breakdown